May 19, 2018

Congratulations To Ron Parlacoski, Jr., the 2017 All-Star Winner!

The fifteenth annual Lucky Dog All-Star Race will take place on May 19, 2018. To be eligible for the race you must have met at least these criteria:

1. Having won a race between the 2017 All-Star Race and 2018 All-Star Race.

2. Be an active member of the Cup series.

3. If not having won, then be a previous winner of the All-Star Race.

For those Cup members that are not eligible, they can still participate in the race. However, they will be grouped into a separate pool called the Lucky Dog Open. The member that scores the most points in that pool will be considered the Lucky Dog Open winner. The winner will advance to the All-Star Race.

How To Play

The All-Star race is a non-points event. Those points that you receive will not be added into the standings. The All-Star race is mainly about pride and prestige, since only race winners are invited to participate in it. The winner of this race will not have it count towards their total wins. The only time this race was counted in total wins was in the first year of the league, when this was run as a points race. This is also a separate race where you can wager money. See the All-Star Cash Challenge below.

You will pick the Top 10 Finishers of the Sprint Cup All-Star Race. The point breakdown is as follows:

Top 10 prediction points: If you correctly predict a driver to finish somewhere in the top 10, you will receive 10 points for each driver that does.

On the Mark Bonus Points: If you correctly pick a driver's spot in the 10, you will receive 25 points plus bonus points depending on the position.

1st place: 25 points + 50 bonus points: 75 total points

2nd place: 25 points + 45 bonus points: 70 total points

3rd place: 25 points + 40 bonus points: 65 total points

4th place: 25 points + 35 bonus points: 60 total points

5th place: 25 points + 30 bonus points: 55 total points

6th place: 25 points + 25 bonus points: 50 total points

7th place: 25 points + 20 bonus points: 45 total points

8th place: 25 points + 15 bonus points: 40 total points

9th place: 25 points + 10 bonus points: 35 total points

10th place: 25 points + 5 bonus points: 30 total points

Winner Bonus: If you correctly pick the winner anywhere inside the top 10 you will receive an additional 15 bonus points.

1-2 Spot Bonus Points: If you don't pick a driver's exact finish, you can get points if you are near the spot where he finishes. If you correctly predict a driver within two spots of where he finishes, you will receive 10 bonus points. If you correctly predict a driver within one spot of where he finishes, you will receive 15 bonus points. The driver must finish in the top 10 though. (You won't get points for a driver if he finishes 11th and you picked him 10th).

All-Star Open Bonus: Correctly pick which driver will advance from the All-Star Open race to the All-Star race: There are three segments and three chances in the All-Star race. If your pick wins one of the segments then you will receive 25 points. If your pick advances from the fan vote then you will receive 15 points.

Therefore, If you correctly pick the winner you will receive a total of 100 points for that driver. 15 points for picking the winner, 75 points for the on the mark bonus and 10 points for placing in the top 10. If you correctly choose the 2nd place finisher you will receive a total of 80 points... 70 points for on the mark bonus, and 10 points for placing within the top 10.

Tiebreakers: In case of a tie in points between two or more teams, ties will be broken via the following criteria:

1. The team with the most top 10 placings

2. The team with the most exact placings

3. The team that has picked the most highest finishing driver that the other team does not have

IMPORTANT - Since this is a different format from normal races, your picks can not be carried over from the previous week. You must submit new picks for the All Star Challenge.

You can not select a driver more than once in your picks. If you do, only the highest driver will be counted. You will receive no credit for the same driver selected further down your lineup.

All-Star Cash Challenge: You have the opportunity to wager money on this race. The entry fee is $5 per member. The fee must be paid before the race, if it is not received, you will not be eligible to play for cash. The race winner (or highest finisher in the Cash Challenge) will get the whole pot. You do not have to be in the All-Star field to play the Cash Challenge. The teams competing in the Cash challenge will be grouped among themselves. Please visit the Money Pit page for payment options.

Un-Official Field For The 2018 Lucky Dog All-Star Race
Driver Eligibility
1 Terry Howell 2017 Coca-Cola 600
2 Lou Demian 2017 Axalta Presents the Pocono 400
3 Jay Smogolski 2017 Fire Keepers Casino 400
4 Joe Tenpenny 2017 Toyota/SaveMart 350
5 Brian Blair 2017 Tales of the Turtles 400
6 Ron Parlacoski, Jr. 2017 Coke Zero 400
7 Jose Rodriguez 2017 Overton's 301
8 Frank Page 2017 Overton's 400
9 Dave Smith 2017 I Love NY 355 at The Glen
10 Kelly Wolfe 2017 Pure Michigan 400
11 Shane Burton 2017 Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race
12 Wendal Ebach 2017 Brantley Gilbert Big Machine Brickyard 400
13 Jessy Turgeon 2017 Federated Auto Parts 400
14 Hurricane Sidwell 2017 Apache Warrior 400
15 Todd Oliver 2017 Alabama 500
16 Rodney Webb 2017 Hollywood Casino 400
17 Jay Smogolski 2017 AAA Texas 500
18 Matt Minnich 2017 Can-Am 500

Previous winners of the All-Star Challenge (not a 2017-18 winner)
19 Leon Baker 2014 Winner
20 Dean Higley 2013 Winner
21 Harry Jeffery 2012 Winner
22 Teeder Jenkins 2011 Winner
23 Stephen DiCaprio 2010 Winner
24 Ray Perrotta 2007 Winner

25 TBA 2018 Lucky Dog Member Vote Winner
26 TBA 2018 Lucky Dog Open Winner
Drivers Participating in the 2018 All-Star Cash Challenge
1. Lou Demian
2. Gwen Demian
3. Todd Oliver
4. Al Allison
5. Ed Blackman
6. Stephen DiCaprio
7. Greg Eichele
8. Jack Thesier
9. Harry Jeffery
10. Larry Scroggins

Total Pot $50.00

Past All-Star Race Results

2017 Winner:
Ron Parlacoski, Jr.

Click for the results

2016 Winner:
Frank Page

Click for the results

2015 Winner:
Brian Blair

Click for the results

2014 Winner:
Leon Baker

Click for the results

2013 Winner:
Dean Higley

Click for the results

2012 Winner:
Harry Jeffery

Click for the results

2011 Winner:
Teeder Jenkins

Click for the results

2010 Winner:
Stephen DiCaprio

Click for the results

2009 Winner:
Rene Nadeau

Click for the results

2008 Winner:
Nathan Helton

Click for the results

2007 Winner:
Ray Perrotta

Click for the results

2006 Winner:
Stephen DiCaprio

Click for the results

2005 Winner:
Kent Weathers

Click for the results

2004 Winner:
Shawn Jackson

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Rules for The NASCAR Sprint All-Star Challenge

Eligibility rules for NASCAR Sprint All-Star Challenge:
1st criteria: Drivers and car owners who have won races in the current and preceding year. If a driver leaves a team with which he has won a race, he remains eligible and the car owner's new driver also is eligible(through the last race before The All-Star Race)
2nd criteria: Drivers who are past Cup champions in the last 10 years
3rd criteria: Drivers who have won The All-Star Race in the past 10 years
4th criteria: The winning driver or 2nd place finishing driver of the Sprint Showdown
5th criteria: The All-Star Open driver voted in by the fans
6th criteria: Drivers who have won in previous years, not eligible by the above(not owners, just drivers - if total entries are below 20)

Un-Official 2018 Field
Driver Eligibility
Race winners (drivers/owners) in 2017 and 2018
1 Kurt Busch 2017 Daytona
2 Brad Keselowski 2017 Atlanta
3 Martin Truex Jr. 2017 Las Vegas
4 Ryan Newman 2017 Phoenix
5 Kyle Larson 2017 Auto Club Speedway
6 Jimmie Johnson 2017 Texas
7 Joey Logano 2017 Richmond
8 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. 2017 Talladega
9 Austin Dillon 2017 Charlotte
10 Ryan Blaney 2017 Pocono
11 Kevin Harvick 2017 Sonoma
12 Denny Hamlin 2017 New Hampshire
13 Kasey Kahne 2017 Indianapolis
14 Kyle Busch 2017 Bristol
15 Matt Kenseth 2017 Phoenix

Previous Winners of The All-Star Challenge
(not a 2016/2017 winner)
16 Jamie McMurray 2014 Winner

17 2018 Monster Energy Open Seg. 1 Winner TBA
18 2018 Monster Energy Open Seg. 2 Winner TBA
19 2018 Monster Energy Open Seg. 3 Winner TBA
20 2018 All-Star Race Fan Vote Winner TBA
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