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Lucky Dog Racing is an elite fantasy racing league that began its first Cup season in 2004. The Xfinity Series league was added in 2005 and the Truck Series in 2007.

Lucky Dog Racing is a privately run league run by one person, therefore it is necessary to cap the leagues off. This also provides a more community type of league environment for members where someone doesn't feel overwhelmed by the amount of players in a league. The maximum amount of player allowed in the Cup series is 46, 50 in the Xfinity series and 54 in the Truck series.

All leagues are currently full but you may be placed on a waiting list. The Truck series has the shortest waiting list followed by the Xfinity series and then Cup series. During the season, members who are in the top 10 in either the Xfinity or Truck Series may be called up first to the next series. If all members currently in the top 10 are already in the next series, the highest member on the waiting list will be called up. You can see where you will be placed on the list by accessing it off the main page. Just like in NASCAR, members have to work their way through the ranks before driving with the big boys.

Members are restricted to running just one team per player. Each member must have their own email. Picks must be made by that person alone. If there are 2 or more members in a household that use the same computer, please inform the President of this. If an investigation determines that one member is running 2 or more teams, those additional teams or all teams may be removed.

MEMBERSHIP FEES: Players that initially sign up for the Truck Series and work themselves up to the Xfinity Series do not pay any fees. However, when a player works up to the Cup Series, there is a yearly fee for all three leagues.

WAITING LISTS: There are currently waiting lists for the Cup, Xfinity & Truck Series. The league publishes this list so members can see where they will be placed on it. To view the list and get a general idea where you will be on it, please visit the waiting list page here.


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After you submit your registration I will send you a confirmation e-mail that you have either been registered or placed on the waiting list of the leagues of your choice. Remember, you will not be officially in the league until you receive your call-up e-mail from the President!

*By submitting this form you are authorizing Lucky Dog Racing to publish your name on the site as well as any information or images that you submit for your driver page.