Gordon Rolls Through Michigan
Will Riney leads The Cool Pool to first victory of the year

The Cool Pool made up for a winning drought big time in race #8. They won for the first time since race #14 last year and took the top 4 spots in the finishing order. The only time that had done that before was the very first season of the LROC series in 2006 and that was when there were just 2 teams in the league. They dominated this week and gained major ground on the two other teams. They past P10 Select to take 2nd place and gained major ground on Lucky Dog Racing. They came into the race 319 points behind, now they are just 68 points behind.

Leading the way for the team was Will Riney who finally wins his very first career LROC race. This is Will's 3rd season in the league and had recorded 4 top 5's in seasons 5 & 6 but had gone winless. Now he can check another item off his list as he becomes an LROC winner for the first time. He scored a total of 379 points and took the win by 5 points over 2nd place.

In 2nd place is the Cool Pool owner, Greg Miller. Greg earned his 3rd top 5 of the season and has really closed in on the points lead. He's just one point away from taking the lead from John Magee who finished in 8th place this week.

Nate Bishop has been trying to make up ground after missing his picks a few races ago and now he gets his 2nd top 5 of the season. Nate finishes in 3rd place after scoring a total of 346 points.

Kevin Sullivan is the finale of the Cool Pool parade this week as he finishes in 4th place. He earns his 4th top 5 of the year and is now tied with John Magee and John Reilley, Jr. for most top 5's. John Reilley Jr. was the last person to make the top 5 this week. John was the highest driver for P10 Select while Lucky Dog Racing's highest was Jack Thesier in 7th place.

One thing is for sure, we have reached the halfway point and there is not going to be a runaway championship for anyone. Points have really tightened up and we could see another big change with Bristol this upcoming weekend.

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Nobody picked the Truck winner Johnny Sauter or the Nationwide winner, Chris Buescher.
2014 Standings
Driver Name
1. John MageeP10 Select344Leader
2. Greg MillerThe Cool Pool343-1
3. Brian BlairLucky Dog Racing332-12
4. Kevin SullivanThe Cool Pool332-12
5. Lou DemianLucky Dog Racing328-16
6. Jordan HuntLucky Dog Racing326-18
7. Ron BlackmanThe Cool Pool324-20
8. John Reilley, Jr.P10 Select321-23
9. Jack ThesierLucky Dog Racing315-29
10. Randy CookLucky Dog Racing306-38
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2014 Scores
1. Lucky Dog Racing - 17,033

2. The Cool Pool - 16,965
3. P10 Select - 16,880
Week 1: February 21-23 2014
Week 1 Results Winner - Kevin Sullivan
Week 2: May 30-June 1 2014
Week 2 Results Winner - Jordan Hunt
Week 3: June 14-15 2014
Week 3 Results Winner - Brian Blair
Week 4: June 26-28 2014
Week 4 Results Winner - Janet Sebern
Week 5: July 12-13 2014
New Hampshire/Iowa
Week 5 Results Winner - Jack Thesier
Week 6: July 23-27 2014
Week 6 Results Winner - Greg Miller
Week 7: August 2-3 2014
Week 7 Results Winner - John Magee
Week 8: August 16-17 2014
Michigan/Mid Ohio
Week 8 Results Winner - Will Riney
Week 9: August 20-23 2014
Week 10: August 30-31 2014
Week 11: September 12-14 2014
Week 12: September 20-21 2014
New Hampshire/Kentucky
Week 13: September 27-28 2014
Dover/Las Vegas
Week 14: October 31-November 2 2014
Week 15: November 7-9 2014
Week 16: November 14-16 2014
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