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Lou Demian and Lucky Dog Racing emerge as 2014 LROC Champions

Coming into the final race of the LROC weekend, one championship was decided and one was still up in the air. Lucky Dog Racing had a significant lead in the team standings but they officially claimed the title for the second year in a row and fourth time in LROC history. They now have as many championships as P10 Select and The Cool Pool combined.

It wasn't a dominant season like they had last year and ironically the final race was their worst of the season. They finished the season with the lead in team wins, race winners and top 5's. They tied with The Cool Pool in top 10's. Five of their six drivers went to victory lane and four of them finished in the top 10 in the standings.

The driver's championship went to the owner of Lucky Dog Racing this year. Lou Demian was able to move past his teammate Brian Blair last week and was able to extend his lead to finish 10 points ahead of him. Lou finished 8th in the final race and was the only member of the team to finish in the top 10.

This was a big accomplishment for Lou since he has won the three major championships in his league. Now he becomes the first player in Lucky Dog Racing to win the Cup, Nationwide, Truck and now LROC Championship. He also becomes the second team owner to win the LROC title as well. Steve Willard won in the 4th season.

After winning the championship, Lou has now secured himself on to the team next season which will mark seven consecutive seasons.

The final win of the season went to Kevin Sullivan who won his second race of the year. He tied Greg Miller with most wins for The Cool Pool with 2 each. Most overall wins went to Brian Blair of LDR with three. Kevin was able to gain one spot in the final week to finish the year in 4th place. It was a good weekend for Kevin who won the Cup championship in Lucky Dog Racing and the Truck championship in The Cool Pool. Kevin will receive two invitations next year and he'll have to decide which league he is going to race for.

Second place went to John Reilley Jr. who led P10 Select this week. P10 Select finished with the most points this week which was their 5th team win of the year. They finished with more wins than The Cool Pool but finished in third place behind them in the standings. It's the first time they finished in third place since the 5th season

John's 2nd place finish was his 6th of the season which was tied for the second most of the year. John was able to gain a couple of spots in the final week to move from 10th and finish the season in 8th place.

Julie Taylor finished in 3rd place to give The Cool Pool two members in the top 5 and four in the top 10. Julie finished in 13th place which was one spot better than she finished last year.

P10 Select took the next four spots with Joanne Sebastian and David Baartman taking the final spots in the top 5.

The two team owners both led their teams in the standings this year with Lou Demian finishing as the champion and Greg Miller taking third. The highest member for P10 Select was John Magee in 6th place. Four members for LDR finished in the top 10, three for The Cool Pool and three for P10 Select.

So ends the 9th season of the LROC series, thanks to all the members for playing this year. Hopefully you will get a chance to get back to the series in future series. Enjoy the holidays too!

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Chase Elliott and Matt Crafton won their championships but neither driver was picked in the final race.
2014 Standings
Driver Name
1. Lou DemianLucky Dog Racing683Leader
2. Brian BlairLucky Dog Racing673-10
3. Greg MillerThe Cool Pool663-20
4. Kevin SullivanThe Cool Pool660-23
5. Jordan HuntLucky Dog Racing654-29
6. John MageeP10 Select646-37
7. Ron BlackmanThe Cool Pool637-46
8. John Reilley, Jr.P10 Select619-64
9. Jack ThesierLucky Dog Racing618-65
10. Joanne ReilleyP10 Select616-67
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2014 Scores
1. Lucky Dog Racing - 33,508

2. The Cool Pool - 33,304
3. P10 Select - 33,189
Week 1: February 21-23 2014
Week 1 Results Winner - Kevin Sullivan
Week 2: May 30-June 1 2014
Week 2 Results Winner - Jordan Hunt
Week 3: June 14-15 2014
Week 3 Results Winner - Brian Blair
Week 4: June 26-28 2014
Week 4 Results Winner - Janet Sebern
Week 5: July 12-13 2014
New Hampshire/Iowa
Week 5 Results Winner - Jack Thesier
Week 6: July 23-27 2014
Week 6 Results Winner - Greg Miller
Week 7: August 2-3 2014
Week 7 Results Winner - John Magee
Week 8: August 16-17 2014
Michigan/Mid Ohio
Week 8 Results Winner - Will Riney
Week 9: August 20-23 2014
Week 9 Results Winner - Brian Blair
Week 10: August 30-31 2014
Week 10 Results Winner - Brian Blair
Week 11: September 12-14 2014
Week 11 Results Winner - Greg Miller
Week 12: September 20-21 2014
New Hampshire/Kentucky
Week 12 Results Winner - Joanne Reilley
Week 13: September 27-28 2014
Dover/Las Vegas
Week 13 Results Winner - Lou Demian
Week 14: October 31-November 2 2014
Week 14 Results Winner - David Baartman
Week 15: November 7-9 2014
Week 15 Results Winner - Randy Cook
Week 16: November 14-16 2014
Week 16 Results Winner - Kevin Sullivan
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