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As William Byron wins his 7th race of the year, Johnny Sauter is able to win his first Truck series championship.... Greg Miller takes the win and the championship at Homestead. It's Greg's first Truck championship and third in Lucky Dog Racing... Congrats to Greg and thanks to everyone for a great year!
Today's Date is
Ford EcoBoost 200
Race Results

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Top 10 Finishers
Greg Miller 177
Matt Steinfels 172
Wendal Ebach 169
Kelly Wolfe 169
Jack Thesier 169
Rodger Pitts 169
Stephen DiCaprio 169
Lou Demian 164
Robby Stone 161
Al Allison 157

Next Truck Race
Daytona Intl. Speedway

February 24, 2017
Time: 8:00p.m. EST

Defending Champs
NASCAR: Johnny Sauter
LDR: Jose Rodriguez

Movers & Snoozers

Matt Steinfels +6
Curt Manning +4
Jack Thesier +3

Ray Perrotta -6
Jordan Hunt -4
R.J. Palmer -4

Truck Series News

Sauter's Dream Comes True With First Championship


Johnny Sauter was able to put the pieces together to win his first Truck series championship.

Greg Miller takes the win and Truck series championship at Homestead!


Greg Miller started his career in Lucky Dog Racing on fire. He won the 2005 Cup series championship in his rookie year and then followed that up by winning the championship again the following year. After that he left the league for a few years but returned in 2009. He didn't quite have the same performance but managed a few top 10 finishes in the Cup and Xfinity series. He struggled a lot in the Truck series though. In seven seasons his highest finish was 12th and he wasn't even able to win a race until this season.

This season was a complete turn-around, he really found his groove. Greg won two races, led the standings and made the championship four. At Homestead it all came together one more time, Greg was able to have a dominant race to score a total of 177 points to win the Ford EcoBoost 200. The win gave him the Truck series championship making it the third in Lucky Dog Racing and the first in 10 years.

It was a hard fought race too since all four of the championship drivers finished in the top 10. Greg was able to win by five points over second place and finished the season with the most wins out of all the drivers with three.

In second place it was Matt Steinfels who earned his best finish of the season. It was the third top five for Matt who finished the season in 22nd place, the highest of all the rookies. Matt finished as the rookie of the year by finishing 25 points over Rodger Pitts. Next season Matt will have the chance to race for another rookie of the year title in the Xfinity series.

Wendal Ebach finished in third place to record his 5th top 5 of the year. Wendal came close to getting his first championship but comes up just a bit short and finishes in second as the runner-up champion. It's his best finish in the standings and the first time that he's finished in the top 10.

Last year's champion, Stephen DiCaprio finished 7th in the race and 3rd in the standings. It's the 2nd consecutive top three finish and the fifth straight top 10 finish.

Lou Demian finishes in 8th place and takes 4th place in the standings. It's the ninth straight year that Lou finishes top 10 in the standings. Eight of those years were top five finishes. Lou also won the Truck series money pit while Stephen DiCaprio comes in 2nd and Matt Minnich 3rd.

That wraps up another season, thanks to everyone for playing this year. Congratulations once again to Greg Miller who will start his quest to defind his championship when we return in February at Daytona.

2016 Truck Series Chase Grid

William Byron won the race and wonders what could have been if his engine didn't blow at Phoenix.

Lucky Dog Racing: Truck Series
2016 Chase Drivers
Driver Name
Greg Miller
Miller Motorsports 4057 Leader
Wendal Ebach
Whooz Racing 4052 -5
Stephen DiCaprio
Racing Traditions, Inc. 4048 -9
Lou Demian
Intimidator Racing, Inc. 4047 -10
--Complete Standings--
17 Feb 2004
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