To Some — it was auto racing's All-Star Game. To others, it is the sport's version of The Masters. Either way, the most essential element holds true.

The International Race of Champions was open only to the world's best race drivers. No one else need apply.

At the same time, IROC was one of the sporting world's most unique competitions, designed to settle (at least partially) the old argument: "Who is the world's best driver?"

IROC has closed its doors but the tradition carries in the LROC Series, or League Race of Champions. It is a showdown between NASCAR fantasy leagues designed to settle the argument of "who is the best league driver?"

The series began in 2006 when Lucky Dog Racing faced off against The Cool Pool in 4 IROC races. The Cool Pool won the first battle between the two leagues in season one.

Lack of sponsorship ended the 2007 season for IROC and The Cool Pool left the series, but LROC raced on. Lucky Dog Racing faced off against a new league, P10 Select Fantasy Racing. Instead of participating in IROC races, 12 races were selected from the Nextel Cup, Busch, Craftsman Truck Series, Indy Car and Formula One. P10 Select won the second season.

In 2008 the league welcomed FASCAR to its competition and for the first time, three series faced each other. A new format was introduced which involved 12 triple racing events involving the Sprint Cup Series, Nationwide Series and Truck Series.

For the 2nd year in a row, P10 Select took the win by a narrow margin over Lucky Dog Racing while FASCAR finished in third place.

The season and its format was such a success the series decided to keep it for the following year but adding 6 more races. FASCAR ended P10 Select's championship streak by winning in 2009. After the season ended, FASCAR did not return to the LROC series. Instead, The Cool Pool rejoined the series after 4 seasons. The three leagues provided some of the closest racing in LROC history. Lucky Dog Racing finished the season on top and won their first title and repeated in 2011. The Cool Pool dominated 2012 to score their 2nd title and first once since the first season. Lucky Dog Racing came back big in 2013 for a record setting third championship. The 2014 will feature the same three teams for a fifth consecutive year.

Membership is by invitation only. If you're not good... then you're not here. Six players from each participating league will be invited to partake in this 16 race series. So how do you get here, you might ask? Here are the eligibility requirements for each league:


For Lucky Dog Racing

1. 2013 Defending LROC Champion (If Applicable)

2. 2013 Cup Series Champion

3. 2013 Nationwide Series Champion

4. 2013 Truck Series Champion

5. 2013 Yahoo Group Champion

6. 2013 Streak to the Finish Champion

7*. 2013 Chaser Eraser Champion (only available if one of the above members qualifies twice)

P10 Select Fantasy Racing

Team members in P-10 Select are chosen by the league owner.

The Cool Pool

Team members in The Cool Pool are chosen by the league owner.

Note: The previous year's LROC Champion will be guaranteed a spot for the following year. If one of Lucky Dog Racing's members wins the Championship, the Chaser Eraser's Champion's spot will be replaced if the LROC Champion does not qualify in one of the other categories.

If either of the league owners fall under the requirements for the opposing league, their spot will go to the next highest member. The league owners can only represent their own league. A league owner can also deny a member entry into future seasons of the league for any reason they see fit. This might include constant times of missing picks.

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