The Lucky Dog Racing Planning & Leadership Council was established in January 2005 to act as the governing body of the league. It assists the President in determining the best direction for the league and offers new ideas and suggestions.

Council Code

The Council currently consists of 9 members: The President, Vice-President and seven other council members. Each member has one vote each in most league matters. The President will only have 2 votes in matters where there needs to be action taken against another council member.


The council will discuss issues in their private board in the league forum. The council will usually discuss changes and new ideas during the off-season but if an issue is important enough to warrant immediate action, they can meet at any point during the season. Individual members will discuss and vote on certain issues. A majority of the vote will count towards the resolution of the item.
All voting results will be announced via the forum, Facebook group or emailed to the league members.


President: The President is the founder, owner and operator of the league. He has his position for life. The President runs the league, maintains the website, regularly updates results, standings, stats, etc. The President accepts new members and handles any problems or questions members have, however some of the duties could be designated to the Vice President as well. Lou Demian assumed this role when he started the league in 2004.

Vice President: The Vice President acts as the President's advisor and assistant. He may be asked to handle some responsiblities, member issues, scheduling meetings, etc. He should oversee the three council members as well. Sometimes the Vice President may be asked to receive the weekly picks if the President is away for the weekend. The Vice President should have an overall knowledge of the entire league operation. The Vice President has his role for life, but can be voted out of office if any actions prove to be detrimental to the league. If such an action is necessary, there would be a hearing scheduled and the entire league would vote on the consequences. The Vice President is in charge of quality control for the website. Shawn Jackson served as Vice-President until September 2006. Matt Sealey was elected Vice President in November 2006 and served until July 2008. Stephen DiCaprio was elected Vice-President in July 2008 where he currently serves.

Council Members: The seven additional council members are designated to be the voice of the league members. They act as role models for all other members. They are encouraged to have their voices heard by posting on the bulletin board and offering new suggestions and ideas. They may occassionally reach out to other members to learn their take on certain issues. Their votes count as votes for all the other members. League members should talk to them to let them know how they feel about certain issues. Council Members have their office for life as well, however they can be voted out more easily. If the other members feel that one council member is not living up to his or her expectations or is doing things that are detrimental to the league, they can be voted out by the 8 other members. In this case a hearing could be scheduled and a vote would then be cast. In this case, the President's vote would count as two.


** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Lou Demian - Lou is the founder of Lucky Dog Racing. He's also the lead driver for Intimidator Racing. He started the league in February 2004. After having played several online leagues in the past, Lou decided to take the initiative and create his own league. He is dedicated to the league and only hopes to improve it each year. In addition to NASCAR, Lou also enjoys football, baseball and hockey. Lou and is wife Gwen were married in November 2004. He hopes to make Lucky Dog Racing one of the best leagues out there and is always looking for new ideas and suggestions to improve it.

E-mail: ldemian@comcast.net

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Stephen DiCaprio - Stephen has been married to his wifeSue since 2005. They have a daughter, Hannah, who is 1 years old. He is a huge Bobby Labonte fan, as well as Jason Leffler of course. He also likes to follow Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick and Greg Biffle. He Started watching NASCAR in 1984-85, when he was 6. He was a DW fan for a number of years and then Ernie Irvan. He's also a huge fan of all sports and fantasy sports. Stephen's savorite teams are the Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots and Boston Celtics. Stephen joined the league in 2005. He started out in the Busch series and eventually made his way up to the Cup series for the final 4 races of the year. Stephen took over as Vice-President in July 2008 after Matt Sealey stepped down. He also feels that his team, Racing Traditions, Inc. is the best team ever.

E-mail: Steve9279@yahoo.com

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Troy Wiggins - Troy Wiggins is the lead driver for Jeffjoeracing in the Nationwide and Truck series and drivers with Intimidator Racing, Inc. in the Cup series. Troy was elected to the council in November 2006. Troy has 4 children and 3 coondogs. He loves college football, pro football, NASCAR, boxing, hunting, fishing, running, mountain biking and going to a park near his house called BONITA. Troy says this is his favorite fantasy league, but also enjoys ESPN fantasy football. He also loves surfing the net. Troy's favorite NASCAR drivers are #24, #48, #5, #6, #43, #9, #19, #17, #31, #01 in that order. In pro football he likes the Colts and in College the University of Alabama. His favorite atheletes are Joe Montana, Lance Armstrong and Brett Farve. Troy says "ya'll need to take a look at my new car Lou made me".

E-mail: brettis4@gmail.com

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Kevin Sullivan - Kevin is the owner of Coast To Coast Racing. He started watching NASCAR in the 80's with his parents and became a big Rusty Wallace fan. Current drivers that he likes are Dale Jr., Kevin Harvick, and now Brad Keselowski. He also enjoys watching NFL, MLB, Hockey, College football & basketball. His favorite college team is NC State Wolfpack. He is also a big Panthers fan and favorite NFL player is the best Quarterback in the NFL "CAM NEWTON"!! All the way next year for the Panthers!!!

Kevin also enjoys bowling, disc golf, swimming and drinking. He is not married but has a girlfriend with 4 kids. (He feels like he is married though but never will). He also feels that his team "CTC Racing" will be the best team ever.

E-mail: kevsull0303@yahoo.com

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Randy Cook - Randy is the owner of Randy Cook Racing. He has been a NASCAR fan since the early 2000 when Kevin Harvick took over for the late Dale Earnhardt. NASCAR isn't the only sport Randy follows. He is also an avid fan of the St. Louis Cardinal, North Carolina Tar Heels, and Tennessee Titans. He participates in several fantasy sports leagues. He is currently engaged to his girlfriend Kellsie and is the night shift manager at Evansville Bolt and Nut. He is into yard work, fishing, and hanging out with friends. Randy says if you have any questions feel free to contact him through facebook or by emailing him.

E-mail: rcook29@live.com

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Dean Higley - Dean has been married to his wife Rita for 20 years. They have 3 boys, Rob, Mike, and David. He is a fan of Jeff Gordon and Mike Higley Motorsports (check it out on Facebook). Dean has been a fan of racing for 50 years (his parents took him to the local dirt track). He joined the league in 2006, starting in the Busch Series. He has 2 Cup championships, 2 Nationwide championships, 2 LROC championships, and 3 Cup team championships as a member of Racing Traditions Inc. He enjoys Lucky Dog Fantasy Racing, fantasy football, bowling, and fishing.

E-mail: bredino@yahoo.com

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Jessy Turgeon - Jessy Turgeon is a student from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He joined Lucky Dog Racing when he was 15 years old and its the league that he participates in. He grew up in Victoriaville, Quebec, a community of 45 000. In his early days, he quickly had a passion for hockey, which is of course, very popular in Canada.

He's been a big NASCAR fan for 10 years now. He's never attended a NASCAR Sprint Cup race but his dream would be to go to a NASCAR Sprint Cup road race at Montreal. He went there a couple of times for the Nationwide series, and it was great, but doesn't compare to a Sprint Cup event.

E-mail: jessy.t@outlook.com

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Will Riney - Will is a team member of the 2015 Cup Series Championship winning Team El Diablo & the Magic Men Motorsports along with being the owner of Rusty Lugnuts Racing team in the Xfinity & Truck Series. He has been a NASCAR fan for over 30 years, cheering for Darrell Waltrip before moving on to Dale Earnhardt Jr. Will is very active in several fantasy sports, helping run The Fantasy Sports Site and In The Groove Racing. He is married to his wife Jennifer and has two kids. Will also follows college football, supporting his alma mater Florida State and the NFL, rooting on the Raiders and the Bucs. Will's goal as a Lucky Dog Council Member is to help keep the game fresh, fun and fair.

E-mail: wpriney@gmail.com

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Jose Rodriguez - Jose is a fan of NASCAR for 25 years. He used to build "almost" to scale 1:64 track replicas for his die cast cars. He's the owner of El Diablo & the Magic Men Motorsports. Jose got into racing from watching the Cup and Busch series races on TNN and ESPN once he could afford cable and then later on CBS. He's a longtime Dodgers, Lakers and USC athletics fan. He also appeared on the game show that airs on the west coast after NBC Sunday night football called the Challenge with KNBC and summer Olympics host Fred Roggin and well known syndicated radio host and FS1 commentator Petros Papadakis.

E-mail: earnhardt21984@gmail.com

17 Feb 2004
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