2018 Edition
About the League

Lucky Dog Racing is a fantasy NASCAR picks league that follows the entire season on NASCAR's Sprint Cup series. The 2015 season will begin our twelfth season. Originally we were called Red Zone Racing but changed the name after the 2004 season when we changed website servers. The league was created in February 2004, had its first test run on March 28 and officially began with the SamSung/Radio Shack 500 on April 4, 2004. The league started with 21 members and continues to grow today. The Cup series has grown into the elite league of Lucky Dog Racing with a long waiting list, Players start in either the Truck or Xfinity series and wait for their chance to get into the Cup series. Only 43 members are allowed in the Cup series during the season.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo: This website is not affiliated with or endorsed by NASCAR or any other racing series. This league is an individually run private league for entertainment purposes only. The league is owned and operated by the league president, Louis Demian. Any questions regarding this league should be mailed to [email protected]

What's So Great About This League?

1. Unlike the big leagues out there, this league is designed to operate on a smaller scale which allows for a more personal and fun experience for the member.

2. You will receive your own personal driver page with information on you, your stats and your experience in the league. You will also receive your own custom made car on your page where you can pick the sponsors!

3. This league is devoted to NASCAR, but we also run satellite leagues of several other kinds of sports on Yahoo.

4. This league tracks stats from race to race and from season to season. Your weekly picks will be recorded and be used to track average driver points each week, average finish, driver wins, top 5's, top 10's, laps led, poles, plus the weekly standings.

5. What began in the 2008 season, Cup members have the opportunity to join multi-car teams where their personal scores contribute to points in the team standings.

6. The league features a message board and chat room to allow members to communicate between one another, share latest news, or opinions. It is encouraged that members actively post messages on the board. We also have our own Facebook member group where members can communicate with each other quite easily.

7. You have the option of playing with only a small membership fee or wagering for bigger bucks.

8. If you can get in, consider yourself lucky! There are a number of people on the waiting list.

If you are interested in learning the rules of the league, and how we operate, please read below.

Basic Operation:

1. Each week you choose 5 or 6 Monster Energy Cup drivers with different salaries.

2. You have a $200,000.00 salary cap to spend on your drivers.

3. You receive points for how well your driver does for each race. You will receive the full points that a NASCAR drivers receives in the race. See the Points breakdown below.

4. Your points from each race will determine where you finish in relation to the other members. Those points will be converted into a scoring system that NASCAR uses and will be used to calculate the score you receive standings.

5. Bonus team points will be awarded if you finish inside the top 10 while points will be subtracted if you finish in the bottom 10. These points will be added to the team standings but not driver standings.


Membership fees

A small yearly membership fee is required to be able to play in Lucky Dog Racing's Cup Series. To play for one year, the cost is $7.00. You can also buy a 2 year block with a discounted price of $10.00. If you returning for the previous year, all payments must be made before Feb. 1st to secure your spot for next year. Any member that joins after the season has begun does not need to pay the membership fee. If a member is removed or leaves during the season or just prior to the season, there will be no refund of your membership fee or an additional moneys paid. If a member pays for a 2 year block, there will be no refund for the 2nd year if that member decides to leave on their own. If league management does not allow the member to return the following year for some reason, $3.00 will be refunded to them. Now that you've paid, on to getting started....

Multi-Car Teams

This format began in the 2008 season. Lucky Dog Racing members will have the option of playing with teammates in multi-car teams. They may also choose to run by themselves as single car teams.

Creating a team: If a member wishes to create a multi-car team, they will designate themselves as a team owner. An owner will pick the name for his team and recruits members. All team members will race under that name. That individual has the final say on all decisions regarding his team. Once another member joins the team, the initial leader may elect to give power of his team to another team member. This is truly up to the individual. Once a member gives up his power, he can not get it back unless the new team leader agrees to transfer it back.

Recruiting members: A team can only consist of a maximum of 4 members. Once a team has been established, the team owner may invite members who wish to be part of his team or draft others that are looking to join a team. All members that join a team are bound to a one year contract and are locked in after the first race together. During that time, members can not leave a team and join a new one unless they are released from their contract. A member can choose to run as a single car team but is prohibited from adding additional teammates in that time. The only way that a member can join or start a new multi-car team during the year is if the team owner releases that member from his contract. A team owner can either release or trade a member of his team with or without their consent. All members on a team must also run the same make of car.

Switching Teams: A member can only switch to one multi-car team during the season. If a member starts the season on a multi-car team, they may elect to leave that team at some point during the season. If it is more than one race, they are still under contract by their former team's owner. If only one race is in the books, a member may leave that team and the bonus points would be adjusted. If they start the season as a single car team, they can join a team, and leave that team to race as a single car team again. They would be unable to join a new multi-car team that season. If a member starts the season on a multi-car team, they can leave and switch to another new multi-car team right away if released from their contract. If they choose to leave the team and race by themselves, they will be unable to join a new team that season.

Team Bonus Points: All members on a team receive positive or negative points that week (see more on team points below). Those points will be added to the team standings. If a member decides to leave a team, the team will still receive the bonus points from the departed member unless they are released from their contract.

Car #'s: All members in the Cup series will have a car made for them. See more on this below. The # of the cars will actually belong to the team owners. When a member first joins the Cup series, and decides to start as a single car team, he will choose his/her own number. If they decide to join a multi-car team right away, the team owner will choose the number for the car. If a member decides to leave a team, they will be unable to take their current number with them unless the team owner grants permission

Team communications: It is encouraged that teammates communicate with one another to help give themselves pointers for each race. The more help each member receives, the overall better finish that all members will usually get. Members should either email or private message each other on the forum. There is also a separate catagory in the community forum has been designated for team talk. Members can talk about their team, recruit new members or do some trash talking there.


Making picks each week

You must choose 5 or 6 Monster Energy Cup drivers each week.... no more, no less. Drivers are divided into four classes... A, B, C & D. The salary cap is $200,000, you can not go over that. See below for more about driver salaries. If you submit a lineup that goes over the cap, your picks will not be accepted. You will be notified that your picks are over the limit and need to change them. If this is the 2nd set of picks you are submitting for the week, the previous set will be used with no penalty assessed. If you submit only one set of picks and do not change them in time before the deadline, last week's set will be used. If choosing 6 drivers and salaries change for that race and the previous picks go over the cap, the driver with the lowest salary will be dropped. If you have a 5 driver set and the salaries go over the cap, the driver with the highest salary will be switched to the first highest salaried driver to fit the cap.

Usually by Monday evening, a race entry list will be posted listing all drivers attempting to make the field for the upcoming race. The entry list is usually linked directly to Motorsportsone.com. Check it to see if the driver you want to pick is going to attempt the race. After the deadline has passed, the picks that each member made will be posted.

Driver salaries & classes

There are a total of 4 classes with different salary ranges. Salaries are sorted based on owner's points. Class A consists of those drivers within the top 16 and eventually the Playoffs. Class B consists of the next drivers within the top 25. Class C consists of the final 10 drivers in the top 35. Class D are those drivers outside of the top 35. Class C & D drivers will often change more often so you may need to check if you are keeping the same drivers for the next race. The salaries will change several times throughout the season, those are called salary re-alignments. The salaries will change based on the most current NASCAR standings. Some drivers may move to different classes. You will be required to change any of your drivers from the previous week if their new salaries go over the cap. To start the season, the salaries will be based on last year's owner standings. The Cup Champion will be 50k and the final driver in class A will be 39k. The B class drivers start at 30k and end at 22k. C class drivers start at 16k and end at 6k. D class drivers are all listed at 5k each. Drivers that are changing rides at the start of a season will inherit the owner points of that car from the previous season.

Changing drivers

You can change each week throughout the season if you want to. You may also keep your same drivers each week if you want to, unless the salaries change and your current picks go over the cap. All changes must be completed before the posted deadline for that weekend (Usually noon the day of qualifying). If you decide to change your pick during the week, you can do so at any time until the deadline.

Weekly submission form

Even if you choose not to change drivers for the week, you must still submit the weekly submission form. On the form, just click where it says I'm not trading and submit the form. This is how the league will keep track of any lazy people who'll just leave the league without notifying the President. If you are selecting new drivers, click the 5 drivers that you wish to select. After that, you can write in the ranking of your drivers for the tiebreaker. Please note, the submission form will not be changed over for the next race until the race entry form is released. Some of the additional drivers from the previous race may not be attempting the next race, so be careful if you make your picks before the form is changed over!

Pick deadlines

The deadline for each race is usually at noon the day of qualifying unless otherwise noted. You may change any of your drivers up until the deadline. Once the deadline has passed, you may not change your picks under any circumstances. The only different circumstance is for the Daytona 500. You may submit your picks after qualifying for the Daytona 500, but not past the start of the CanAm Duel races. There are no extra points given to the pole sitter for the Daytona 500, however the two Duel winners will receive an extra 3 points each.

Lateness of picks and provisionals

If your picks are not received by the deadline for the race, you will be considered late and will not be able to submit them afterwards. When you miss the deadline, your picks from the previous race will be used. The first time that you miss you will receive full points from your drivers used the previous race. The second time you will receive half points. The third time you will not be listed in the race at all. The fourth time you will be removed from the league and unable to rejoin. If it happens three weeks in a row, you will automatically be removed from the league and replaced by a member from the Xfinity Series or the waiting list. At the start of the season, if a member misses the Unlimited (if they qualified) and Daytona 500, they could also be replaced since they will be considered as having left the league during the off-season. Exceptions could be taken into consideration though.

Carrying picks over will not be allowed for the All-Star race since it uses a different format than the previous weeks. If picks are not submitted, you won't be entered into that race. Late picks will be considered provisionals and will be listed on the standings. If you know that you are going to be away the following week, you can submit your picks early for the next week or two. Just note which races you are submitting for. If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, please e-mail me and we can work something out. If a member is in a multi-car team, the team owner may select the picks for that member if they are unable to.

Drivers not making the field

Not every driver will race every race in the season. Some teams cut back and run only certain races. Sometimes a driver may get injured and can't race that weekend. Here are some special notes:

1. If your driver attempts to qualify for a race but is unable to make the field whether by failing to qualify or if qualifying is rained out, you will not receive any points for that driver.

2. If a driver that appears on the entry list gets sick, injured or by some other circumstance can not race that weekend, you will get the points of the substitute driver that will drive the same car. If the car is not run at all that weekend you won't receive any points. In any case, if it happens before the deadline, you have the option to switch your driver.

3. If a driver does not qualify for the field in his designated car, but gets into the race through a driver switch after qualifying, you will NOT receive the points for that driver. Members who selected the original driver of the car will get the substitute driver's points. Essentially you are choosing the car #'s, not the driver.

4. You must submit drivers that are actually attempting to make the race. If you submit your picks for the week, and one of the drivers is not on the race entry list, you won't receive any points for that driver if not changed prior to qualifying. If you decide to keep your picks from the previous week, please make sure that all your drivers are attempting to make the race to avoid the loss of any points.

Race entry list

Each week the race entry list will be linked to the site, usually by Monday evening. The list usually linked directly to motorsportone.com. You should check this list every week to see exactly who is competing in the race. AS LONG AS A DRIVER APPEARS ON THE LIST, HE IS ATTEMPTING TO MAKE THE RACE. If one of your drivers is nowhere to be found on the entry list, he is not attempting to make the race and you won't receive any points.


The league follows the same system that NASCAR uses for both points earned by your picks and where you place at the finish of the race. Depending on the amount of players in the field at the start of the season, The race winner will receive that amount of points. With a 46 car field, the winner will receive 46 points. Second place will receive 5 points below that. Each position will decrease by one point from there. The final five drivers will receive one point each.

Here is the scoring breakdown which is what NASCAR uses:

In addition to the points allocated:

* The top 10 drivers from each of the first 2 segments in a race receive bonus points on a 10-1 scale.

* The race winner receives five bonus points.

* The pole sitter receives three bonus points.

* Your #1 ranked driver can receive up to 5 bonus points. See race rankings below for more info.

* For the Daytona 500 only: The two duel winners receives five bonus points each.

One driver's maximum points in a race (other than the Daytona 500): 60

Finish Points Finish Points Finish Points Finish Points Finish Points
1 46 11 32 21 22 31 12 41 2
2 41 12 31 22 21 32 11 42 1
3 40 13 30 23 20 33 10 43 1
4 39 14 29 24 19 34 9 44 1
5 38 15 28 25 18 35 8 45 1
6 37 16 27 26 17 36 7 46 1
7 36 17 26 27 16 37 6
8 35 18 25 28 15 38 5
9 34 19 24 29 14 39 4
10 33 20 23 30 13 40 3

Team bonus points

After your placement in the race, you will receive team bonus points depending if you finish inside the top 10 or penalty points if you finish in the bottom 10. These bonus points will be added to your team standings points each week. These points are assessed if you are a multi-car team or single car team.

Listed below are the bonus or penalty points for each spot


1st place +10 points
2nd place +9 points
3rd place +8 points
4th place +7 points
5th place +6 points
6th place +5 points
7th place +4 points
8th place +3 points
9th place +2 points
10th place +1 point
37th place -1 point
38th place -2 points
39th place -3 points
40th place -4 points
41st place -5 points
42nd place -6 points
43rd place -7 points
44th place -8 points
45th place -9 points
46th place -10 points

Playoff bonus points

NASCAR awards playoff bonus points to segment winners. Since the league does not run races in segments, the race will winner will be awarded five playoff points and the rest of the top 5 will receive one playoff point each. Any driver who qualifies for the playoffs will carry those playoff points into it. All playoff points will carry through to the end of the third round of the playoffs (Round of 8), with the Championship 4 racing straight-up at Homestead-Miami Speedway for the title.

Race rankings & tiebreakers

After each race, the spot that each member finished in will be displayed. If two members finish with the same amount of points, the member that picked the highest finishing driver that the other member did not pick will be ranked higher. If two members have the most amounts of points over everyone else, the member with the highest finishing driver over the other one will be declared the week's winner. The other member will be ranked as second.

If two members have the exact same picks, the ranking method will take effect. The ranked order that you submit on the picks form will be used against one another. The member that has the highest finishing driver who is ranked 1st will get the higher spot. The 2nd ranked driver will be the next tiebreaker, and so on.

If two members have the same picks and same rankings, the member that is higher in standings will get the higher spot. If a member sends their picks in late, they will be awarded the lowest seed in a tiebreaker.
In addition, you can receive bonus points from your #1 ranked driver. If the driver that you rank #1 wins the race, you will receive 5 bonus points to your score. If that driver finishes in 2nd place, you'll receive 4 bonus points. 3rd will give 3 bonus points, 4th place 2 bonus points and 5th place one bonus point. This is only for your #1 ranked driver. If you pick the race winner anywhere else in your rank, there will be no bonus points awarded.

The Playoffs

Lucky Dog Racing will use the same format for the Playoffsp as NASCAR uses except a members must be in the top 25 rather than the top 30. The top 15 drivers with the most wins over the first 26 races will earn a spot in the Chase, provided they have finished in the top 25 in points. The 16th playoff position will go to the points leader after race No. 26, if he/she does not have a victory. In the event that there are 16 or more different winners over 26 races, the only winless driver who can earn a Playoff Grid spot would be the points leader after 26 races. All remaining drivers in the field will race for 17th place, which is the best of the rest title.

If there are fewer than 16 different winners within the top 25 in the first 26 races, the remaining playoff positions will go to those winless drivers highest in points. If there are 16 or more different winners in the first 26 races, the ties will first be broken by number of wins, followed by driver points.

Prior to the start of the Playoffs, all playoff drivers will have their points adjusted to 2,000, with three additional bonus points added to their total for each win in the first 26 races.

At the end of the regular season, the top 10 finishing drivers will receive bonus points to use in the Playoffs. The driver finishing in first place will be declared the regular season champion and will receive 15 bonus points in addition to the playoff bonus points that he earned during the season by winning races or finishing in the top 5. Second place will receive 10 points. Third will receive 8 points and will decrease by one point down to 10th place.

The Playoffs are divided into four rounds. The first round (races 27, 28 & 29) starts with 16 drivers. If a driver in the Playoff Grid wins a race in the first round, the driver automatically advances to the next round. The remaining available positions 1-12 that have not been filled based upon wins will be based on points. Each will then have their points reset to 3,000.

The second round (races 30-32) starts with 12 drivers. Likewise, if a driver in the top 12 in points wins a race in that round, the driver automatically advances to the next round. The remaining available positions 1-8 that have not been filled based upon wins will be based on points. Each will then have their points reset to 4,000.

The third round (races 33-35) starts with 8 drivers. If a driver in the top eight in points wins a race in that round, the driver automatically advances to the next round. The remaining available positions 1-4 that have not been filled based upon wins will be based on points. Each will then have their points reset to 5,000.

Additionally, drivers who are eliminated in the first three rounds will have their points readjusted. Each eliminated driver will return to the Playoff-start base of 2,000 (plus any regular season wins bonus points), with their accumulated points starting with race #27 added. This will allow all drivers not in contention for the Cup title to continue to race for the best possible season-long standing, with final positions fifth-through-16th still up for grabs.

Four Drivers, First-to-the-Finish Championship Finale The 36th and final race of the season will be the Cup Championship. Simply stated, the highest finisher in that race among the remaining four eligible drivers will win the Cup Series title. The final four playoff drivers will be asked to partake in a special tiebreaker as well.

The Chaser Eraser

This is a separate picks contest only for the playoff driver. In addition to making your regular picks during the chase, you will have the option of playing in this contest. For the first 5 races you will choose 2 Sprint Cup drivers and then 3 Sprint Cup drivers in the final 5 races. The highest finishing driver will give you points for their finishing position. If they win the race, they will get 43 points. The points will go down for there, with last place receiving just one point. The other driver that you choose will be erased, meaning you can not pick them in this contest for the rest of the playoffs. If a member picks a driver that has already been eliminated during the playoffs for them, they will receive 0 points for that week. Eliminated drivers will be displayed under their name on the standings.

The winner of the contest will receive a special award on their page, receive a free year in the league and possibly a spot in the LROC series the following year if space permits.

Championship & Awards

The player that scores the most points at the end of the season will be declared the Cup Series Champion. That member will earn all the respect that goes with the title as well as receiving an award on their page. They will also receive a real trophy that will be mailed to them.

The team that scores the most bonus points throughout the season will win the Cup Series team championship award. If it is a multi-car team, they will receive an award on their page. The team owner will also be awarded a trophy that will be placed on his driver page.

At the end of the year, Awards will be given out to drivers for their achievements throughout the year. These awards will appear on their driver pages.

The other drivers that qualified for the playoffs will also receive special awards on their pages. The regular season champion will receive a special award. The highest driver that finishes outside the chase (in 17th place) will be given the "Best of the Rest Award". Special plaques will be given to the drivers that earned the most power points on the power gauge, earned the best race points and standings points average, earned the best average finish, and earned the best picks average. A driver must have had run more than 3/4 of the races in the year to qualify for any of the awards.

The Rookie of the year award will go to the driver that has earned the most rookie points. To qualify for rookie of the year, a driver can not have had run more than 10 races of the previous year. To view how scoring is done to determine rookie of the year, please visit the ROTY page.


Team pages, driver pages & cars

Each driver will have their own page dedicated to them. If possible I would like to include a picture of yourself, so please e-mail it to me. I'll also ask you other little odds and ends about yourself that I can add to the page to make it a little more interesting.
Your driver page will also be used to display any trophies or awards that you earn, show your stats and highlights from previous seasons.
You will also have a car designed for you that will be placed on your page. You will pick your own sponsor. If you are on a single car team you will pick your own number. If you are joining a multi car team, the team owner will either pick your number or may elect to transfer your current number if you have one already. Driver Numbers have to be between 00-99. Before you pick a car number,the president will send you the current number selection sheet.
Primary car sponsors can only be used by one person at a time in the league. A member can pick a sponsor that someone else is using as their primary, but use it as an associate sponsor instead. You can choose nearly any sponsor out there.
A member can only change their paint scheme once a year and will only be done during the off-season. If you feel the need to change your car, please email me what you would like me to do and I will try to the best of my ability.

Multi-car teams will also have their own team pages that will have information on their drivers, history, stats and awards earned.

Race errors or changes

Occasionally there may be an error in the race results. The President is only human after all! It is stressed that you check each week that the correct drivers are posted that you picked! Do this when the picks are posted after the deadline has passed. You should have the e-mail that was sent to you to after you submitted your picks. This is your proof for what you have picked. Send it to me if you see something wrong with your picks. Please make sure you send it to the [email protected] address!

You should also check the results after the race has been completed. Make sure your drivers were scored correctly. E-mail me ASAP if you see a mistake. There will be only a 1 week grace period that any errors from a completed race can be fixed!! After the next race is completed, the previous race's results are frozen and can not be changed.

If NASCAR ever does make a change to the official results of a race, including taking a win away from a driver, the league results will also be changed after it is official. Normally NASCAR will not take a win away, but if it ever happens in the future, the league race points will be changed to match the official results.

Community forum policy

All members have the option to read and post messages in the community forum or in the Facebook group. Freedom of speech is always allowed on the board, however constant harassment against a member is not. Smack talk is allowed, however taking constant personal shots at a member is not tolerated. If a member feels that they are being unfairly treated by another member, they have the right to bring this to the League President. This includes public posts and private messages. The President monitors the board as he sees fit. Firstly, a verbal warning will be emailed to the member to stop the personal harassment. If it continues, a suspension anywhere from a week to a month from the board will be instituted along with a month long probationary period. During the period, if the member continues the harassment against the individual, a long term suspension will be instituted. This ban could last anywhere from a month to the rest of the season depending on the severity on the harassment. A member WILL NOT be kicked out of the league for any behavior on the boards.

League dismissal & re-entry prohibition

The league will only dismiss a member mid-season for the following reasons:

If a member does not submit their picks for 3 weeks in a row they will automatically be removed from the league, unless there is an extraordinary circumstance that prevents otherwise.

If a member misses a total of 3 weeks of not submitting picks they will be removed, unless the council votes them to remain due to an unforeseen reason. A member may be allowed back into the league the following year if space permits and they can provide a suitable explanation. If they are allowed back in and it repeats again, they will permanently be banned from the league.

A member may also be removed from the league if they are found to be guilty of any detrimental actions that affect the entire league. This would include attempted sabotage of a league member's picks or trying to coerce other members to leave the league. These actions will be discussed and voted on by the Lucky Dog Planning & Leadership Council to determine the fate of that member's status in the league. The President also has the right to deny anyone entry into the league or to re-sign the following year for whatever reason he sees fit. These reasons may include problems during the previous season such as harassment of members, sabotage, bashing or degrading the league in some way.

Only once a member is accepted into the league after the start of the season will he have the rights and privileges that all members share.

Member rights

Once a member is accepted into the league for the season, they have the rights and privileges of all Lucky Dog Racing members.

1. All members have the right to submit picks each week for whatever league they are in.

2. All members in the Cup Series have the right to their own driver page of the same selected format the league operator designs. They have the right to display any information about themselves there and have the right to change it anytime. Any information can be displayed except vulgar or otherwise offensive remarks and/or images.

3. All members over the age of 18 have the right to partake in playing in the optional money pit segments, and All-Star cash challenge race. A member must be 18 or over since it is a form of gambling.

4. All members have the right to partake on the message board and are allowed to have their own screen name.

5. All members have the right to freedom of speech as long as it is not considered personal harassment to another individual. Members have the right to share their ideas or changes to the league.

6. All members have the right to bring a change, idea or concern to the President or any council member. That member has the right for that issue to be voted on by the council.

7. Members have the right to remain in the league without being forced out for any reason except for not submitting picks or for attempts to sabotage the league. Freedom of speech is allowed except when it is used to sway members away from the league. A member may not submit picks under another person's name in an attempt to sabotage their picks for the week.

8. All members have the right to play in a fun and safe environment. If a member is harassed by another player, they have the right to inform the President and appropriate actions will be instituted.

Rule changes

The president has the right to change or amend any rule during the season. Most likely any change that occurs will happen before a race and will not affect the outcome of the previous one. Any rule change will be voted on by the league council and then posted on the site or e-mailed to all members. Most major rule changes will usually take place during the off-season.

Cup Series Membership Information

Cup Series members must pay yearly membership dues to help pay for the costs of running the league. These funds are applied to the cost of the webhost provider and domain name for Lucky Dog Racing. The remainder of the funds help pay for the cost of the Championship trophy as well as other prizes for some of the games and contests that the league has.

Only members who participate in the Cup series need to pay these fees. For members who are just in the Xfinity and Truck series, these do not apply.

The cost for membership in the leagues is as follows:

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** 1 Year in the Cup Series - $7.00
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** 2 Years in the Cup Series - $10.00 (best value)

Cup series members also must pay additional fees if they choose to play in either the Xfinity or Truck series.
Each season in either league costs $5.00 per season.

If you are playing a full season, All league fees must be paid prior to Feb. 1st. Failure to do so could result in losing your spot for that season.

To check and see how many seasons you are paid up for, you can go to your Cup driver page. On the page you will see your contract status for each series that you are in. These are updated after your membership fees are received. If your contract status says that it expires at the end of the current year, you need to pay your membership fee by Feb 1st.

To pay your membership fees, you can either send a check or money order to Lou Demian, the President of the league. You can email me at [email protected]

An easier option is to use Paypal which can be paid right away with a credit card or through your own Paypal account if you have one. You do not need a Paypal account to use this. There is an added fee while using Paypal. The added funds are 2.9% + .32 cents extra. If you choose to use Paypal, you can use the button below. The additional fees have already been added to the league prices.

Membership Options

Just select which membership options you would like. You need to select one option, then click the "add to cart button". It will open up a new window. You can go back and select other options and update your cart each time.

The Cup series also provides more money wagering options. You can see the options for the Money Pit, Championship Fund and All-Star Cash Challenge on the Money Pit page. If you would like to add these aditional options to your membership fees, please use the paypal link on that page, it lists the additional options.

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