2008 Season

2008 marked a milestone year for the league since for the first time since its inception, the league’s format would change somewhat. In late 2007 a new format was devised which would allow members to run together on multi-car teams. Up to 4 members could be on a team and together their runs would affect each other’s results. Bonus points would be awarded to those members who finished in the top 10. All teammates would receive those points as well. While it sounded good, there was a bit of a risk as well. While you would receive bonus points for top 10 finishes, you would lose points for finishing in the bottom 10.

The league would also have two championship awards too. Along with the Cup Series Champion, the team that scored the most bonus points would be declared the Team Champion.

The council voted and agreed on this new idea and teams quickly began to form. Intimidator Racing, Inc., Mafia Motorsports and Racing Traditions, Inc. were among the first teams to form. These three teams would eventually be battling it out in the standings at the end of the year.

For its first season there were 8 multi-car teams in the league. These teams would range from having 4 to 2 members on them. New team pages were also created to track the progress throughout the season.

There were other changes as well. The scoring system had a bit of an overhaul which gave more points for the top spots but also drivers finishing in the top 20 would get more as well.

For the first time, all members’ cars would be changed over to the new COT format. An extensive redesigning of all cars took place during the off-season with President Lou Demian and Nathan Helton taking up this task.

2008 marked the lowest amount of rookies that were able to join the league. Only two rookies started the season, Terry Howell and Earl Arnold, Jr. Two more rookies, Chip Pizzutti and Chris Agerton would join later in the year.

There were changes in other series as well. The Nationwide series took over as sponsor of the Busch series, so Lucky Dog Racing changed their 2nd tier league’s name and gave it a new look as well.

After the Truck series ran its inaugural season in 2007, it took its training wheels off and went full force for its 2nd season. There was a change to the driver groups and format a bit which helped eliminate some of the close results that often ended in ties for the first year. There was also much less of a member turnaround this season.

There was also a big change to the LROC series. For the first time, a third league would be invited to join and compete against Lucky Dog Racing and P10 Select. FASCAR, a picks league run by Wendal Ebach joined up for LROC’s third season. The series was renamed LROC: Triple Crown Challenge.

The 50th running of the Daytona 500 kicked things off in the Cup series. Ed Blackman took the win and received the golden Harley J. Earl trophy on his team page. He was also the first people to give his team a win and SOCAL Sprint Car Association took the top spot in the team standings.

Stephen DiCaprio won the league’s 2nd race at California which was also his first Cup series win as well. His team, Racing Traditions, Inc. took the top spot after the 2nd week and held it most of the first part of the year until May when Mafia Motorsports would take over.

The top spot of the driver standings change hands quite a bit between drivers. Nobody could really grab hold of the top spot and hold it more than a few weeks. The longest that it was held for was 5 consecutive weeks by Harry Jeffery. Later during the year, John Sherman and Troy Wiggins would each hold it for 6 races.

In the first half of the year we saw multiple wins by Charquillia Addison and John Sherman. 5 other drivers would win by the time the All-Star race came around. This year it was won by Nathan Helton for the first time. Larry Scroggins finished in 2nd and won the Cash Challenge.

After the All-Star Challenge we saw wins by our two rookies, keeping their ROTY battle close even though both were struggling overall.

During the summer, Lucky Dog Racing suffered a personal loss. Karen Smith, a member in the league since 2006 succumbed to cancer and passed away on July 20th. The following week at Indianapolis, all the league’s races were dedicated to her. Karen also raced in the FASCAR series and league owner Wendal Ebach created a memorial to her. Chip Pizzutti was called up from the Nationwide series to replace her at Pocono.

The final five races set up the Chase for the Championship with John Sherman leading the way. John would hold the lead until October when Troy Wiggins took it over. From there, Troy never looked back. He would go on to win the 2008 Cup Series Championship, the 4th different winner.

It was a close race in the Team Championship when Racing Traditions, Inc. took the lead from Mafia Motorsports in the final races of the year. RTI held off Intimidator Racing, Inc. who finished 2nd and Mafia in third. RTI became the first Team Champion in the Cup series.

Terry Howell won the rookie of the year while Bob Douce won the Power Gauge Championship. Bob Douce also swept all 4 top prizes of the money pit. Stephen DiCaprio took the win in the 2nd season of the Streak to the Finish in the forum. Gary Wheat pulled off some last race heroics to take the win in the 2nd season of the Chaser Eraser. While over in the Yahoo group, Joe Hicks edged Bob Thomas in the final race to win there.

In the Nationwide series, Dean Higley won his 2nd consecutive Championship in what was at one time a close race with Gary Wheat in the final 10 races. Melanie Hicks won rookie of the year.

Lou Demian bounced back from a dismal first season in the Truck series to winning the Championship in season #2. Kevin Sullivan just edged out Wendal Ebach for the first rookie of the year title.

In LROC, it went down to the wire between Lucky Dog Racing and P10 Select. However in the final segment of the final race, P10 Select won big and took the League Championship for the 2nd year in a row. Lucky Dog Racing finished in 2nd while FASCAR took third place. Lucky Dog’s Dean Higley did win the Driver’s Championship which was a bright spot.

Overall it was a very good season for Lucky Dog Racing. The new multi-car teams brought a new freshness in and created some heavy competition.

There will be some changes happening during the off-season. One change will be the change from a three to a two digit car number system. These numbers will be owned by the team owners. Selection will be done on a seniority basis.

The league will also get a bit of a face lift as most of its pages will be redone with a new look to them.

The league looks forward to its sixth season with great anticipation.

2008 Season Drivers

Drivers are listed alphabetically
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First Race
Last Race
Charquillia Addison Syracuse Alpine Racing #194 WWE 5/20/04 Current 36 24th
Chris Agerton Randy Cook Racing #555 Nabisco 9/14/08 Current 10 45th
Earl Arnold, Jr. Arnold Motorsports #595 Allstate 2/17/08 Current 36 41st
Bob Baldridge, Jr. 2Fast4U #225 Budweiser 2/20/05 Current 36 34th
Ed Blackman SOCAL Sprint Car Association #273 Viagra 2/20/05 Current 36 31st
Robert Butterfield Earnhardt Junkie #438 Goodwrench 2/18/07 Current 36 33rd
Randy Cook Randy Cook Racing #429 Gillette 2/18/07 Current 36 10th
Steven Cotter Armchair Racing, Inc. #109 Canadian Tire 4/4/04 Current 36 38th
Gwen Demian Intimidator Racing, Inc. #183 Sea World 4/4/04 Current 36 23rd
Lou Demian Intimidator Racing, Inc. #138 Diet Pepsi Max 4/4/04 Current 36 13th
Stephen DiCaprio Racing Traditions, Inc. #218 Wendy's 10/30/05 Current 36 2nd
Bob Douce North Coast Racing, Inc. #324 Play It Again Sports 7/23/06 Current 36 4th
Marty Fleissner Mafia Motorsports #288 Coors Light 7/24/05 Current 36 11th
Louie Gallardo Gallardo Racing, Inc. #338 Nesquik 11/5/06 Current 36 28th
Nathan Helton Racing Traditions, Inc. #211 Comcast 9/18/05 Current 36 3rd
Joe Hicks TCB Racing #489 Dupont 2/18/07 Current 36 18th
Dean Higley Racing Traditions, Inc. #424 Coca-Cola 2/18/07 Current 36 20th
Terry Howell ampracing88 #588 Amp Energy 2/17/08 Current 36 35th
Jordan Hunt North Coast Racing, Inc. #330 Diet Coke 11/5/06 Current 36 7th
Harry Jeffery SOCAL Sprint Car Association #274 U.S. Airforce 2/20/05 Current 36 14th
Tracy Karhoff Warpigs #230 Michelob 2/20/05 9/7/08 26 43rd
Mark Mason North Coast Racing, Inc. #219 Skyline Chili 2/20/05 Current 36 25th
Kendall Moore Kendall Moore #103 Peterbilt 5/30/04 Current 36 8th
Shawnda Moore Texas Motorsports #102 Wrangler 5/30/04 Current 36 32nd
René Nadeau Québecois Fan #276 Iron Maiden 6/12/05 Current 36 30th
Frank Page Daniel Jack's Racing Team #235 Jack Daniel's 2/20/05 Current 36 36th
R.J. Palmer Intimidator Racing, Inc. #411 EA Sports 2/18/07 Current 36 17th
Sue Perna 2Fast4U #118 Husky Tools 7/25/04 Current 36 19th
Ray Perotta Randy Cook Racing #231 AT&T 2/20/05 Current 36 5th
Chip Pizzutti Tailgaters #595 Yahoo! 8/3/08 Current 16 44th
Daniel Schmittou Mafia Motorsports #248 Hooters 5/1/05 Current 36 12th
Eli Schmittou Mafia Motorsports #249 Little Debbie 9/10/05 Current 36 26th
Larry Scroggins Pappy's Drivers #297 Pabst Blue Ribbon 2/20/05 Current 36 29th
Matt Sealey Matt Sealey #188 Sundrop 5/22/04 Current 36 15th
John Sherman Mafia Motorsports #127 Samuel Adams 4/4/04 Current 36 37th
Carol Siddens 2Fast4U #150 Big R Stores 4/4/04 Current 36 21st
Karen Smith 2Fast4U #322 Evian 9/24/06 7/27/08 21 42nd
Ryan Smith Top Dawgs #251 Red Bull 2/20/05 Current 36 16th
Kevin Sullivan North Coast Racing, Inc. #420 Philly Blunt 2/18/07 Current 36 27th
BJ Spears Texas Motorsports #278 Jugliners Of Texas 2/20/05 Current 36 37th
Brian Travis CrazyAboutRusty2 #202 Miller Lite 2/20/05 Current 36 28th
Gary Wheat 2Fast4U #409 Aflac 2/18/07 Current 36 28th
Troy Wiggins Intimidator Racing, Inc. #224 Asics 2/20/05 Current 36 1st
Jeffery Willett Sizzlerfreak19 #319 The Paint Guys 10/1/06 Current 36 39th
John Wilson Texas Motorsports #259 Lone Star Light Beer 2/20/05 Current 36 40th

These are the drivers that left us after the 2007 season.

Team Name
Chris Robidoux Trapt Racing #142 Cingular Wireless 139
Kim D. NASCAR Fan Racing, Inc. #111 Abercrombie & Fitch 134

2008 Information

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Polls for 2008

2008 Race Results
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League Winner
2/9 Budweiser Shootout Daytona Intl. Speedway Dale Earnhardt Jr. Charquillia Addison
2/17 Daytona 500 Daytona Intl. Speedway Ryan Newman Ed Blackman
2/24 Auto Club 500 Auto Club Speedway Carl Edwards Stephen DiCaprio
3/2 UAW-Dodge 400 Las Vegas Motor Speedway Carl Edwards René Nadeau
3/9 Kobalt Tools 500 Atlanta Motor Speedway Kyle Busch Charquillia Addison
3/16 Food City 500 Bristol Motor Speedway Jeff Burton Jeffery Willett
3/30 Goody's Cool Orange 500 Martinsville Speedway Denny Hamlin Charquillia Addison
4/6 Samsung 500 Texas Motor Speedway Carl Edwards John Sherman
4/12 Subway Fresh Fit 500 Phoenix Intl. Raceway Jimmie Johnson John Sherman
4/27 Aaron's 499 Talladega Superspeedway Kyle Busch Harry Jeffery
5/3 Crown Royal Presents the Dan Lowry 400 Richmond Intl. Raceway Clint Bowyer Brian Travis
5/10 Dodge Challenger 500 Darlington Raceway Kyle Busch
Bob Baldridge, Jr.
5/17 Sprint All-Star Race Lowe's Motor Speedway Kasey Kahne Nathan Helton
5/25 Coca-Cola 600 Lowe's Motor Speedway Kasey Kahne Terry Howell
6/1 Best Buy 400 Dover Intl. Speedway Kyle Busch Gwen Demian
6/8 Pocono 500 Pocono Raceway Kasey Kahne Earl Arnold, Jr.
6/15 LifeLock 400 Michigan Intl. Speedway Dale Earnhardt Jr. John Wilson
6/22 Toyota/SaveMart 350 Infineon Raceway Kyle Busch Ed Blackman
6/29 LENOX Industrial Tools 301 New Hampshire Motor Speedway Kurt Busch Daniel Schmittou
7/5 Coke Zero 400 Daytona Intl. Speedway Kyle Busch Kevin Sullivan
7/12 LifeLock.com 400 Chicagoland Speedway Kyle Busch Louie Gallardo
7/27 Allstate 400 at the Brickyard Indianapolis Motor Speedway Jimmie Johnson Eli Schmittou
8/3 Sunoco Red Cross Pennsylvania 500 Pocono Raceway Carl Edwards BJ Spears
8/10 Centurion Boats at The Glen Watkins Glen International Kyle Busch BJ Spears
8/17 3M Performance 400 Michigan Intl. Speedway Carl Edwards Sue Perna
8/23 Sharpie 500 Bristol Motor Speedway Carl Edwards Eli Schmittou
8/31 Pepsi 500 Auto Club Speedway Jimmie Johnson Dean Higley
9/6 Chevy Rock & Roll 400 Richmond Intl. Raceway Jimmie Johnson Gwen Demian
9/14 Sylvania 300 New Hampshire Motor Speedway Greg Biffle Chip Pizzutti
9/21 Camping World RV 400 Dover Intl. Speedway Greg Biffle Carol Siddens
9/28 Camping World RV 400 Kansas Speedway Jimmie Johnson Jordan Hunt
10/5 Amp Energy 500 Talladega Superspeedway Tony Stewart Frank Page
10/11 Bank of America 500 Lowe's Motor Speedway Jeff Burton R.J. Palmer
10/19 TUMS QuikPak 500 Martinsville Speedway Jimmie Johnson John Wilson
10/26 Pep Boys Auto 500 Atlanta Motor Speedway Carl Edwards Stephen DiCaprio
11/2 Dickies 500 Texas Motor Speedway Carl Edwards Sue Perna
11/9 Checker O'Reilly Auto Parts 500 Phoenix Intl. Raceway Jimmie Johnson Harry Jeffery
11/16 Ford 400 Homestead-Miami Speedway Carl Edwards Sue Perna

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